***NEW*** Hi-Q-5 Antenna

***NEW*** Hi-Q-5 Antenna

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Hi-Q-5/160, Hi-Q-5/80 HF Antenna

The Hi-Q-5 Antenna element is capable of operating in 80m-6m and 160m-6m variations.  Max input power is 1.5KW SSB.

The antenna measures 37.75 inches overall length without a whip, capacitance hat or mounting accessories.  The mast is a nominal 2 inches O.D. by 24 inches in length.  The coil housing is a nominal 13.75 inches in length by 5 inch O.D.  The appropriate Insulating Disk Kit and Whip Quick Disconnect Kit are included.   

To operate at 160 meters users will need a 102 inch whip.  These are available for purchase or users can provide their own. 

To operate at 80 meters users will need a 36 inch whip.  These are available for purchase or users can provide their own. 

A 3/8 inch-24 threaded connector is required to attach the whip to the quick disconnect.       

Please note: No accessories are included with this item.  Buyers will need to select their desired accessories individually and add them to the cart.  

Optional accessories include: Whip, Capacitance Hat, Switch Box Controller (SBC), Power/Controller Cable.   

Please Note: Please note there is a $75 flat rate shipping fee to all antennas shipping in the continental U.S. Overseas Orders will have a $125.00 flat rate shipping. If either rate exceeds the flat fee shipping rate we will invoice the remaining shipping cost prior to shipping.